G-MAG pulsed magnetic therapy unit

Designed and manufactured by
Greenwich Instruments Ltd

Greenwich Instruments G-MAG pulsed magnetic therapy unit

GMAG pulsed magnetic therapy unit

Magnetic therapy is a well-established treatment that is used for both humans and animals. Suitable for treating sprains, muscle damage, joint strains and rheumatic pains.

These conditions and many more could benefit from using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Modern electronics simplify the controls down to just pulse speed and treatment time. Pulsing speed is chosen to suit the conditions being treated, and the time is adjustable up to 60 minutes.

The GMAG magnetic pulses pass through bone and tissue and the treatment is totally painless to the user.

Perfected by Greenwich Instruments Ltd. in equine trials.

The Greenwich Instrument G-MAG comes with a G-MAG therapy guide


It is important to understand the effects that each setting will have upon the cells of the subjects body. By knowing your subject and how the equipment works, you can more effectively use the therapy to correctly treat most conditions and to enhance the success rate.

The therapy permeates all cells of the body down to the last molecular level and can increase or normalize circulation, enhance ion exchange and increase oxygen utilisation dependant on the setting being used. Normal cells condition has a reading of about 90mV whereas in inflamed cells the reading can be as much as 120mV and degenerated cells a reading as low as 60mV. The treatment must be such as to enhance or decrease this reading to normalise it. Ions are electrically charged particles surrounding a cell and a pulsed magnetic field will influence the ion exchange at cellular level and greatly improve oxygen utilisation of deceased or damaged tissue thereby reducing pain.

Further reading: Radio Science Bulletin No307 (Dec 2003)


Frequency settings on the Greenwich Instruments G-MAG therapy unit are 2 - 15 - 30 (Hz) - one for each of the three treatments. However, depending on the condition involved, different setting may be recommended. The G-MAG therapy unit is designed so that you can choose the frequencies most appropriate for the situation.

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