GSM2 stepper motor driver

Designed and manufactured by
Greenwich Instruments Ltd

GSM2 stepper motor driver

GSM2 stepper motor driver pcb

GSM2 datasheet

The GSM2 driver card is designed to drive a unipolar stepper motor (either with or without forcing resistors). For it's small size, the GSM2 can drive in full, half or wave stepping modes, which are selectable via terminals on the GSM2.

Stepping speed for the GSM2 can either be from an external or internal clock, adjustable by a potentiometer on the GSM2.

Enable, disable and direction inputs allow for a variety of start/stop and limit control options to be implemented.

The GSM2 can drive stepper motors with four phases; either five, six or eight wire motors.

The GSM2 is our most popular driver board and is very versatile.


*TTL Logic Interface
*Unipolar Stepper Driver
*Small Form Factor


* Motor Supply 9-40 VDC
* Logic Supply 9-24 VDC
* Current / Phase 2A max
* Dimensions: 61 x 46 x 15 mm

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