GW232 line driver RS232 to RS422

Designed and manufactured by
Greenwich Instruments Ltd

GW232 - RS232 to RS422 line driver converter

Available in male and female 25-pin versions, this device extends RS232C transmission to over 2km or greater.

Full duplex with user optional hardware handshaking and switchable DTE/DCE configuration.

* Meets EIA RS422 standard
* Glitch-free power up/down
* Output short circuit protection
* Male and female versions
* Complete with power adaptor


GW232-M line driver for RS232

25-pin Male D-type RS232 to RS422 Line Driver - stock code: AA134


GW232-F line driver for RS232

25-pin Female D-type RS232 to RS422 Line Driver - stock code: AA135

GW232 datasheet

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